5th Grade Student Stories

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Meet the Whole Shark – By Tristan Nuthale Smith

Whale sharks are not whales, but sharks. Where do they live in their habitat? They live in waters that are far from shore. That’s where their food is, such as algae shrimp, and sometimes fish.

Filtering Food
How do they eat? They are not like many other animals. They swallow their food whole. Isn’t that impressive how they can eat like that? They open their mouths and drink away. Wow! How amazing.

The Biggest Shark in the World
The whale shark is now the biggest shark in the world. How can this be? Since the megalodon went extinct they are the largest. This beast’s babies are even big to start with!
This shark, which is harmless to people, is very cool. I really enjoyed learning about it, and I hope you did, too!

How Families are Growing – By Emma Rex

In March of 2020, at the beginning of COVID 19, people started getting more fond of their pets and getting new pets! People knew that pets couldn’t get you sick, but they could keep you company, and that’s great if you were someone stuck in quarantine at your house because of COVID.

If you were looking for a dog during this time you may have noticed that the rescue websites were blank. For example, the Rex family from Suffield, adopted their dog Linkin from Paws Safe but when they were researching pawsafe.com and pawsnewengland.com (two great rescue websites) it was hard to find an available dog. This is because so many people were in a rush to find a dog to keep them happy and active when there was nothing else to do at home. This was also helpful for shelters being able to help more dogs get adopted.

I was able to interview Elle Harrison from Suffield. I asked her why she thinks people are getting more pets during this time? Harrison’s response was, “Because of the pandemic people are stuck at home and don’t have much to do.” I also asked Harrison if she thinks pets are helpful for people. Harrison’s answer was, “Yes, because they keep people happy, and people keep them loved.”

Do you know why people are getting more fond of pets? If so, how do you feel about getting a pet at this time, do you think they will help us? P.S. Pets spread love, not germs!

School-Ramen – By Jaszell Amaya Echevarria-Hamilton

Ramen, ramen get your ramen! Hmm, you ask, what is ramen? Ramen is a noodle soup. It is very famous in Japan. But, in my opinion, ramen deserves a chef’s kiss.

Research shows, ramen was first made in 1958 and was invented by Momofuku Ando. He was the first person to ever make ramen, AKA instant noodles. Other companies have made their own version of cup of noodles, but some people like to stick with the Ramen brand.

In Enfield, Connecticut, there is a restaurant in a plaza that serves ramen. It’s called Saki. I really hope you get to go.

Sources: cupnoodlesmuseum.jp/en/osaka

Relax with Something Different – By Lily Levasseur

What is your favorite relaxing toy? It might be a fidget. But guess what my favorite toy is? Legos! They have sets for all ages. The age range starts at four and the oldest is eighteen and up. I have been building Legos for about six years, and now I am ten years old.

There are some enjoyable sets I would recommend. I would say for kids from about seven to twelve the dot sets are creative. They have picture holders, build your own jewelry and jewelry boxes/stands. They also have different sets like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Disney and Duplo for little [four to six years old] kids, and that’s only a few. One more thing is you can make your own city. They have sets for girls, boys, toddlers and co-ed. They have cool adult sets, also. Even though I’m younger, I still want them, especially the cool rollercoaster that you have to add your own wiring and remote control to.

Winter is coming closer – so are the holidays, and I suggest putting Legos on your Christmas list You can find them at Lego.com. They are relaxing. I love to do them before school, after school and before I go to sleep. Legos help me relax. They might help you!

Macy’s Parade – By Samantha Kaplan

On Thanksgiving morning, I am busy bringing tables and chairs into my uncle’s house. My brother and I carry the white folding chairs and the heavy wooden tables from the barn in through the back door to the dining room. It takes me about an hour, so it is so nice to sit down and watch the Macy’s Day parade when I’m finally done. The Macy’s Day parade is live on television, or if you live near New York you could watch it in person. There are many exciting floats and balloons. If you celebrate Christmas, there is a float with Santa on it. There are new floats every year. There are even marching bands, singing and dancing.

Photo provided by the author
Macy’s Day parade is still a great show.

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. It is perfect if you are bored or alone on Thanksgiving. I am excited for you to be watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade this year.

The Sarah Weeks Visit – By Mila Denno

On October 22, McAlister students had a surprise virtual visit from author Sarah Weeks, to end their One Book One School reading celebration. McAlister students were challenged to read Save Me A Seat over the summer, a fantastic new book by Weeks.

During Weeks’ presentation she talked about the steps of publishing and writing a book. She also talked about her life and gave a little background information about Save Me A Seat. Student Liv Loescher said, “I thought the presentation was interesting, learning the steps of making a book and how hard it is.” Loescher also said “The book was enjoyable because of the way the two boys become best friends and ignore each other’s differences.”

The history behind Save Me A Seat makes the book even better. In the book, Ravi, pronounced (RAHvee), moves from India to a new school. Weeks said during her presentation that she got the idea for the character Ravi from India because she wrote the book with friend and fellow writer Gita Varadarajan, a former student of Weeks. While writing, Weeks ate meals and snacks all from India to inspire her. Weeks said, “It was a great learning experience trying lots of new food.” The other boy in the book, named Joe, was created by Weeks, who wanted a young boy like her sons.

I encourage people all around the world to read Save Me A Seat. I believe reading Save Me A Seat will encourage people to make friends with all, no matter what.

How I Became a Roblox Developer – By Chris Despres

I was on my new computer on Christmas. I was looking on Google, and I was searching how to develop games on a realistic game site called Roblox. I was so excited when I got Roblox studio. Roblox studio is a developing website. I thought to myself, “Whoa! Like where do I start?!” I was so excited that I messed around. I was making random planes, making more terrain and putting in trees. At this point I have played this game for three years now! Who Made Roblox and Roblox Studio?

For the people who DON’T know who he is – he is, the only man, David Bazuki, who made Roblox Studio! He is my idol, my top idol, obviously.

Roblox has realistic graphics and teaches kids how to build. Did you know that Roblox has a billion users? That’s way more than Fortnite has! Did you also know that Roblox was made in 2005? That was sixteen years ago! One more thing you should know is that Roblox had different title names. It used to be called Dynablox, and then it was finally called Roblox in 2007.

Creating games has been a dream for me for eight years. Even when I was a baby I loved gaming. I remember a lot of gamers from 2013, watching their videos and their chats.

Overall, I still love playing games on Roblox. I hope you check it out!

A Thump in Granby – By Elle Harrison

On Saturday, October 9, a giant maple tree fell across the field as the Granby girls’ soccer team took on Suffield. This was the result of a giant gust of wind passing over the field.

The score was 2 to 2 when the refs blew their whistles. Coach Dan Blair could be seen quickly gathering his team on the sidelines. Parents ran over to the tree and quickly moved it over to the sidelines. The wind was no mystery. It was fall and the October winds were rolling in. “It was terrifying!” said Liv Loescher, a girl on the Suffield team. After a two minute pause the girls were quickly able to get back onto the field.

I encourage you to check the weather forecast before playing soccer next to the woods. The game ended with a victory for Granby, but all of the girls felt astonished about the giant crash.

Scoop du Jour! – By Gianna Hamilton

Do you like ice cream? Scoop du Jour is a great place to get ice cream. For people new to Suffield, Scoop du Jour is on Mountain Road. You could either go into the front door and get ice cream in there, or you could go to the back of the building and get ice cream at their pickup window.

It is good to go to Scoop du Jour because they are really quick. It’s almost like a fast food window. It’s that fast. Scoops is just so easy to get! A good time to go to Scoops is if you play sports. After practice you could go there with your teammates. I know I sure like to go there after my soccer practice.

Now, I don’t know if you have ever been to Scoops but here are some flavors you may like: raspberry, vanilla, coffee, chocolate, moosetracks, strawberry, orange sherbet, cotton candy, Oreo and more. You could also get toppings, too. My favorite is Oreos.

Scoop du Jour is open until 9 p.m. So, you could get it after dinner, and they would still be open for quite a while.

If you have been going to Scoops for a long time, you could go to Granby, Connecticut and they have an amazing ice cream place called GrassRoots.

Overall, I think you should go to Scoop du Jour because they have a pickup window, great service and a great variety of flavors and toppings! It looks like someone’s going to Scoop du Jour when it’s summer again!

Toys Made out of Trash – By Adeline Wallace

Are you a parent who wants to save money on toys this Christmas? Well, here are four easy to make toys for kids made out of stuff you can find almost anywhere. Plus, you’re helping the earth by reusing. I thought of this idea when I was young. There was always free time and lots of arts and crafts. Sometimes an idea came to me like maybe I could turn a few cups into an animal. I hope these toys inspire you to be creative and make your own toys out of trash!

  • Bottle Sharks
    Get a plastic water bottle of any size. Then, cut out a shark tail and front fin and the two bottom fins out of paper. Tape the 4 fins in the places they are supposed to go on a shark. Lastly, draw with a sharpie a face and teeth.
Bottle Shark
  • Paper Bunny
    Crumple up three pieces of paper into a ball. Then, put two of the balls together into a body like shape as best you can. Then, tape together. With the third ball draw a bunny nose, mouth and eyes. Then, cut out bunny ears and a small bunny tail out of paper. Make sure after you’re done with the head to tape all the loose parts together. Lastly, make legs out of paper and tape all the body parts to the body.
Paper Bunny

  • Cup Cat
    Take a cup and flip it so the mouth of the cup is facing down. Then, crumple a piece of paper into a ball and draw a cat nose, mouth, and eyes. Cut cat ears out of paper and a cat tail. Tape the ears to the paper ball and the tail to the cup and stick the crumpled paper to the cup.
Cup Cat
  • Tissue Box Bag
    Cut off the top of a tissue box. Then, cut two long strips of paper on the long side of the paper. Then, tape one end of the paper to one side of the box and the other strip’s end to the other side of the box. Lastly, tape the end of both strips together.
Tissue Box Bag

Another Successful Suffield on the Green – By Josh Turner

On the weekend of October second and third, Suffield residents came together for the annual Suffield on the Green. The event took place at the Town green for the first time in two years to help small businesses through COVID 19.

It featured a dunk tank, bounce houses, face painting and delicious food. Many businesses and town organizations advertised there as well. The effects of Suffield on the Green have been really positive. Local businesses have begun to thrive again. People have been brought together and even formed friendships that can last a lifetime.

If you get a chance to go next year, I would strongly recommend it.

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