Field of Flags Again

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The Field of Flags, inaugurated as a Suffield 350th Anniversary event last year, was so well received that the Town Administration planned it to be an annual event. The flags themselves were carefully stored, and the field was re-installed on the center green shortly before Veterans Day.

Photo by Lester Smith
Soon after the Veterans Day service at the War Memorial nearby, a group is seen visiting Suffield’s 2021 Field of Flags on the Center Green. They included several veterans, all members of the Fox Hollow Gun Club in West Suffield, who came with family members and friends to discover their sponsored flags. The Field of Flags made a lovely scene that nice morning.

This year’s announcement of the opportunity to sponsor a flag was delayed, as a hoped-for volunteer group hadn’t stepped up to manage the event, but the number of sponsored and tagged flags reached almost two-thirds of last year’s 315, nevertheless, and the massed flags flew proudly and impressively as ever, with many admirers.

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