First Selectman’s Update

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I am honored and excited to have been elected as the Town of Suffield’s next first selectman. I truly look forward to offering the residents of Suffield a new perspective and a fresh set of ideas with the hope to unite the great and diverse minds that make up this entire community. If you haven’t met me yet, please stop by my new office at Town Hall anytime. I’d love nothing more than to hear from you.

I would like to thank Melissa Mack for her six years of leadership, sacrifice and dedication to this town. I hope to add to the many things she has done in her time.

As I look toward the future of my next two years, I ask myself what I can contribute to an already great town. When I first moved to Suffield, I discovered a town that is rich in history and culture that separates itself from its neighboring towns in unique and diverse ways. Covered by historic homes and farmlands, Suffield offers community and liveliness without the over-developed feeling in many neighboring towns. My hopes are that the residents will allow for continued growth. Growth that is well calculated to benefit the residents economically and socially, while still preserving the land that makes us unique.

Collaborative and forward thinking that allows residents to voice their interests and work together for a common goal is the ideology I strive for residents to have during my term. As I walked in the 350th parade, I was reminded of what a strong community feels like. The amazing turnout and level of enthusiasm that brought everybody to that parade is the greater sense of community I hope to achieve for our town in the future.

As the holidays and the New Year approach, I ask that everybody take a moment to reflect on the past year. A year that has put national politics in the spotlight more than ever. A virus that seemingly continues to affect and slow down all facets of our daily lives. An uncertain economy that continues to drive inflation higher and higher, causing an increased cost of goods that undoubtedly has and will continue to affect the way we make daily purchases. As all of this continues to affect us, let us not forget the philosophies and values that make this time of year great. May we put our differences aside, unite in a sense of community, and look upon each other for acts of kindness, generosity and friendship throughout these holidays.

Take some time from the constant hustle and bustle of life to enjoy time with family and friends. Give when you can, embrace what you have, and take some well-deserved time for yourself. I wish everybody a safe and joyous holiday season.

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