The Observer Honors Dedicated Volunteers

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A Lifetime Achievement Award, a painting of the center of town featuring the library (by our own Observer volunteer, Peggy MacKinnon), was presented to Ruth Zimmerman, for the countless hours she spent setting up the office at the Observer.
Another Lifetime Achievemnt Award, a 1962 painting of Suffield Center (also by Peggy MacKinnon), was presented to Lester Smith for the sleepless nights he spends working at the paper submitting articles, photos, writing captions, etc. Ann Kannen laughs as Lester points out where he got his hair cut 60 years ago!
Observer Chairman Jay Presser presents a Sam Award to Joan Heffernan for the amzing photos she submits monthly to the paper. She loves taking bird, nature and landscape photos for the Observer.
Ann Kannen (left) presents a Sam Award to Becky Fuller for her contribution prepping at the paper every month since the paper’s start. Observer’s founder, Sam Fuller was her uncle.
Chairman Presser presents a Sam Award to Will Hermann for the work he did creating and maintaining the paper’s website, with its online editions. He did an outstanding job making our website dynamic vs. static.
Sara Zak is pictured with her mother, Mary Anne Zak, a longtime “Now and Then” columnist for the Observer, who was happy to attend the volunteer recogntiion party.

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