Creating a Community Partnership SHS School Internships: Students and Community Win-Win!

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Today’s work environment is more competitive than ever. At Suffield High School (SHS) students can learn about career opportunities through our Career Internship Program.  This program allows our students to bridge the gap between academics and the workplace enabling them to develop life-long skills.  Thanks to the generosity of our local community, SHS seniors have the chance to work with local employers who teach them about their organizations and expose them to career opportunities. 

What does this look like?

When you enter Ms. McCluskey’s internship class at Suffield High, it is clear students see the future and it’s bright!   At the beginning of the course, students take a career inventory test to determine which career field suits them best. The students practice writing resumes, cover letters, and they perform interviews.  Students discuss issues such as work ethic, teamwork, communication and other professional strategies, so they can find success when they enter the workforce.  

If you ask the students, however, the most rewarding learning is done when students leave campus and go to work. And that’s when our community and local businesses shine!  They open their doors to reward students with hands-on experiences that you simply can’t encounter in a classroom.  

It’s a win-win!  The students learn invaluable lessons about the work force and a potential career field while the businesses create visibility for themselves, gain fresh perspectives, keep great talent here, get those “back burner” projects done and give back to their community.

Students love it.   Juliana Morales states, “My classmates agree — we have gained a better understanding of the traits it takes to be successful later on in life.”  Another senior student Olivia Varholak explains, “I learned how to effectively and efficiently communicate with others, I learned how to be flexible, and I learned how to organize my time.”  And Kara Francis says, “I have learned that I would like to devote my time to helping the public in my future because this is what I enjoy.”  Clearly, these students are learning what it takes to succeed in the future.

A plea for help! Suffield High School needs more opportunities for our students.  Any business, profession, or work place can apply to be a part of this exciting opportunity.  If you would like to be a part of our program and help to mentor a student, please contact Kate McCluskey at for additional information.    

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