North Central Act of Kindness Awardees

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L-R Chase Irving, Ms. Kelly Blais, Grace Karam

Congratulations to Grace Karam and Chase Irving, who received the North Central Act of Kindness (NCAOK) Award for the months of September and October, respectively.  The NCAOK Award is designed to honor students who regularly display redeeming qualities like civic awareness, commitment, kindness and care towards others. The NCAOK Award recognizes leadership and commitment, rather than scholastics or athletics. Each student honored is given a personalized award plaque for their good deeds, a donation made in their name to a charitable organization of their choice and recognition in front of their peers and parents during a monthly gathering to celebrate. 

Grace was nominated by Ms. Kelly Blais who wrote, “Grace is a leader inside and outside of the classroom. She more than exemplifies all of the qualities being sought for recognition with this award. She is kind to people, animals and the planet. She is a conscientious student, but also committed to other really important causes such as Climate Change and the environment; in fact, she marched in the 350 Parade supporting Suffield Sustainability Council. She has shown leadership within her AP Human Geography class and often within Drama Club activities. She is an all-around wonderful human being and is fully deserving of this recognition.”  Grace chose World Wildlife Fund as her charity.

Ms. Kelly Blais, Social Studies teacher at Suffield High School, also nominated Chase.  She said, “Chase has been influential member of the Voices United group that has been working to make social and cultural change within our building and community. She is responsible, always handing in work on time, and can be counted on to volunteer time to help others. She expresses her kindness in many ways, but I have specifically seen her kindness/leadership in Drama Club where she has worked to make others feel comfortable and help them learn methods of acting. She is an overall wonderful human being that deserves to be recognized.”  The charity Chase chose is National Black Justice Coalition.

Congratulations to these two wonderful students!

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