100 Years Ago in Suffield

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Selected from the pages of the Windsor Locks Journal and lightly annotated by Wendy Taylor, Kent Memorial Library

March 3 

Mrs. Carrie Louise Russell, aged 63 years, wife of Irving L. Russell, died at their winter home in New York… For a number of years Mr. and Mrs. Russell have spent their summers at their home on South Main street, and gone to New York for the winter months. 

Mrs. Russell was a lover of the outdoors, and always planned to come here before the spring migration of birds. Her knowledge of the birds and flowers of this section was very complete, and she always enjoyed helping anyone to identify some rare specimen. 

March 10 

One of the prominent business men had a rather exciting experience Monday evening. Soon after 11 o’clock he left this place for Springfield in his Bevo automobile to mail a letter which he did not wish to have lay outside in the cold and gloomy box all night at the local office. While passing a lonely place at the lower end of Longmeadow, two men stepped out into the road and held up their hands as a stop signal. The business man had one foot on the brake, but he immediately changed it to top of the one he had on the accelerator and sped on and on. After a few miles, however, he was overtaken by a large limousine which blocked his path and the same two men chided him for not stopping before. They made the business man get out of the car and searched it as they said that they had a tip that a load of liquor was going through. They finally decided that the scent they had detected was bay rum that the barber had used on his face the day before, and they let him depart in peace.  

March 17 

Tobacco buyers have been active in some parts of the town this week and a number of sales have been reported at prices ranging from 6 to 14 cents in the bundle. Some of the growers have thought it necessary to sell their crops in order to finance this year’s crop. Many of the growers lost money on last year’s crop, and it is thought that the acreage will be less this year than for several years.  

The Woman’s Reading Club will hold a musicale in the chapel of the Congregational church next Tuesday evening. The program will include Spanish, French, Indian, Hawaiian, Philippine and American music. The public is cordially invited. 

The Lesbian Society of the Suffield School will hold its annual dance in the school gymnasium Saturday evening. Gatchell’s orchestra swill furnish the music. 

The Suffield fire department will give a dance in the Town Hall. 

March 24 

Sylvester Anderson, colored, a resident of this place for a year or two who was arrested in Pittsfield, Mass. for passing a bad check at one of the stores in that place, was brought to this place, Monday, by Officer Woodruff on a warrant obtained by his Suffield wife. He was brought before Justice Howard D. Sikes, Tuesday and pleaded guilty to the charge of bigamy. He was bound over under bonds of $500 to the June term of the superior court, and as he was unable to furnish bonds, was taken to jail.  

It was brought out in court that Anderson had three wives living, wife Number 1 living in Providence, R. I. whom he is said to have married in 1910; wife Number 2. Now living in New Bedford, Mass., alleged to have been married to him in 1915, and wife Number 3, living in this town, whom he married in 1920. It was charged he had been living with the last one up to about two months ago, when he left Suffield and was not heard from until his arrest in Pittsfield. His Suffield wife’s name was Mrs. Richard Lockett before her marriage to him.  

Trustee John T. Henderson, of the bankrupt estate of the Suffield-Berlin Trap Rock Company, has filed a report with Referee in Bankruptcy Yeomans in which he announces that a dividend of 10 per cent. will be paid creditors within a few days, and a small final dividend will be paid, after some disputed claims are settled. This seems to be the end of the trap rock company under the old organization. The new company has not started work yet. 

According to a new ruling by the cattle commissioner, dogs that are vaccinated with anti-rabies serum will be allowed to run after five days. The state will furnish red tags which must be fastened to the dog’s collar and the owner will be given a certificate of vaccination by the veterinary injecting the serum.  

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