100 Years Ago in Suffield

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Selected from the pages of the Windsor Locks Journal and lightly annotated by Wendy Taylor, Kent Memorial Library

July 7

The celebration of the Fourth in this place was of rather a quiet nature after the boys had worked off the surplus of their enthusiasm. Early in the morning the church bells were rung and the fire siren was started, but was shut off at the headquarters with a squawk.

For two weeks the dull gray skies have showered moisture over this section in the most persistent manner. The ground has been saturated with water, until timid people began inquiring for the address of the nearest archeologist in case they should need the plans and specifications of the ark.

Ludwig J. Carstens of west Suffield was thrown through the windshield of his Ford truck on Dwight street, Springfield… when it was struck by a one-man trolley car and pushed for over twenty yards and then tipped over after grazing a street railway tower truck. Carstens was bruised and cut about the face and body and complained of a pin in his right hip. His injuries are not serious…the truck was badly smashed and was later towed to a garage.

John Johnson, 17, living on Kent avenue, who sold an automobile tire to a South street farmer for $5 last week, which it was alleged was stolen from the touring car of E. S. Seymour, was arrested by Officer Gregg last Friday…He was given a hearing before Justice Howard D. Sikes, who found cause to fine him $4 and costs of court, making a total of $22.

July 14

The thunder storm which visited this section Thursday afternoon gave this town the greatest downpour of the season. The rain fell in torrents…So much rain fell that the gutters couldn’t carry it away and low spots were flooded. On Kent avenue, near the Third Baptist church, the water was over the highway with almost a river running across the fields from Main street.

July 21

The second annual clambake of the Suffield Fish and Game Association will be held at Babb’s Grove, Congomond.

July 28

Chauncey Eggleston who has been in the Noble hospital at Westfield for the past few weeks as the result of an injury in an elevator accident, had another portion of his inured toe amputated.

August 4

Stella Alberta Legare, aged 53 years, wife of H. S. Legare, died last Saturday in New York. The deceased was a daughter of the late Sidney A. Kent and came to the Kent homestead here every summer and spending the winters in Washington, D. C. Besides her husband she leaves a son, Sidney Kent Legare of this place.

August 11

Officers Cooney, Gregg and Woodruff of this place and three state policemen… made a raid on a bootleggers’ camp at Congamond Lake in the western part of the town Saturday night and arrested Charles Bidwell, a Polander, James Irish, Nick Sheehan and William Carney on the charge of bootlegging.

Will Orr, a tobacco grower of this town, while assisting his men in hanging tobacco in one of his barns, a tobacco fork slipped and struck him in the right eye. Dr. William E. Caldwell ordered him taken to the Wesson Memorial hospital in Springfield, where his eye was removed…It is thought the sight of the left eye will be saved.

August 18

“Mike” Cooper, who lives on what is known as the Tracy place near Wood’s station, was arrested by Officer J. R. Gregg Sunday night for assaulting Mrs. Mary Socka. Cooper was brought before Justice Howard.

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