Firefighter Cadet Lieutenant Represents Suffield Well

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The Suffield Firefighters Association wishes to extend its congratulations and best wishes to the Suffield High School Class of 2022. We wish you all much success in your future goals.

Additionally, we would like to recognize Probationary Firefighter Cadet Lieutenant Ashley Caron. Ashley joined the department early on in her high school years, with a goal of being a professional firefighter, following in her father’s footsteps. Over the years, Ashley’s personality, dedication, commitment and attitude have helped to change the culture in the cadet program, and further strengthen its ranks and membership. Ashley has been a driving force for this, a demonstration of her passion and dedication to the fire service. She has served and represented the Suffield Fire Department with exemplary leadership skills, leading to her promotion to Cadet Lieutenant.

Photo provided by the author
Probationary Firefighter Cadet Lt. Ashley Caron is pictured in full gear at a training drill in Bloomfield.

As a leader among her peers, she sits on the training Committee for the Department, overseas planning of cadet drills and training, and has attended many extra classes and training at the Connecticut Fire Academy. Among the many classes she has undertaken in addition to her schoolwork, she has attended classes such as Introduction to the Fire Service, Advanced Skills and Concepts, and is now a part of their Junior Counselor Program. Ashley is set on taking her Firefighter 1 Course shortly to be a fully certified Firefighter, where she will then join the ranks among her brothers and sisters in the department, to further service the citizens and business’ of Suffield.

Best wishes to Ashley and all her Classmates of the Suffield High School, Class of 2022.

By Alton P. Golden
LT. Suffield Fire Department
President Suffield
Firefighters Association

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