Historic First Baptist Church Open for Events

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Historic First Baptist Church is located on Hill Street at the west end of Russell Avenue. This church is known for its historic beginning as the first Baptist church in Hartford county. The church was formed by a small number of men, which was considered to be a very radical move for the day. People came from as far away as Hartford and Westfield to attend Sunday services. Second Baptist Church is the sister church of First Baptist.

First Baptist Church today is used for five services each summer starting the first Sunday in August. The membership list keeps growing. Most members also belong to another church. Membership is more of a historic nature, and the membership is quite diverse, with many backgrounds represented.

Other uses of the church are a Christmas Carol Sing on the second Sunday in December, weddings and funeral services. Because the church is quite basic, we were limited to warm weather events. This spring a heating and air-conditioning system was installed. This will make the church building available for extended months. The annex on the north side of the building has been used for small receptions.

We hope that this building will be considered for events up to 150 people. If you have an interest in seeing this beautiful historic building for your event please call 860-668-2920.

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