Voting Options Available

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There will be several voting options available for voters. 1) Absentee ballot voting options available to eligible voters are regular absentee balloting, supervised absentee balloting, emergency absentee balloting and the permanently physically disabled status absentee ballot process. 2) The polling place paper ballot marking options are completely filling in the oval next to your selections by hand or by the ballot marking system.

The IVS Ballot Marking System is easy to use and was designed to allow all voters to vote privately, with or without physical disabilities. Voters have a choice to either see their ballot or listen to their ballot read to them while wearing earphones. Voters also have the option to make their ballot selections by tapping the screen of the tablet, by clicking a Jelly Bean Button, by using a Sip ‘n’ Puff device or by pressing keys on a key pad. All these options make it possible for all voters to vote privately.

The ballot marking system simply takes instruction from the voter and relays information to the printer on where to place solid black ovals. The voter’s polling place ballot is fed into the printer and the printer does the marking. The voter reviews the markings and if satisfied the voter feeds their ballot into the tabulator.

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