100 Years Ago in Suffield

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Selected from the pages of the Windsor Locks Journal and lightly annotated by Wendy Taylor, Kent Memorial Library

September 1

Owing to the congested conditions in the East Street School the town school committee…voted to transport the fourth grade from that school to the Boston Neck school and to open up the small room in that district for the combined fourth grades of both districts. The committee also voted to transport to the Center school the pupils now in the fourth grade in the Mapleton school.

The part time arrangements that were effective last year for the first four grades of the First Center school will be continued this year and must necessarily be continued until the town sees fit to provide a building adequate to house the children in that school.

There is every reason to believe that the schools in the town will be very crowded this year. There are two ways of disposing of this situation. One is to build additional buildings in the outside districts which are at present congested, and the other is to enlarge the central plant and bring the children in. Boston Neck, East street and Mapleton schools are filled to capacity and there are over seventy pupils for the South street school.

The elementary schools will open on September 13. Registration for high school students will be held on Monday, September 18.

A public meeting of the board of finance will be held in the Town hall…to hear all persons who may wish to be heard in regard to any appropriations they are desirous of having said board recommend.

September 8

A sudden shower late Wednesday afternoon brought with it considerable hail to the northeastern part of the town. In the Center hailstones fell as large as quarters, but there was no wind and the stones floated down lightly. In the north part of the town the storm was much more severe… Fortunately a large part of the tobacco crop is under cover so that the damage in that section will not be as heavy as it would have been a week ago. Limbs were blown from trees and electric light and telephone wires suffered.

Mr. and Mrs. John O’Malley motored to Troy, N. Y., last week to attend the funeral of a relative.

September 15

The republican caucus for the nomination of town officers was held at the Town hall Monday evening. There was a good attendance, about one third of those in attendance being women. On motion of John B. Cannon, an informal ballot was taken for first selectman without nominations, which resulted in the choice of Geo. A. Harmon. A committee was appointed to notify Mr. Harmon of his nomination.

The committee that was appointed to notify Mr. Harmon of his nomination reported that Mr. Harmon declined the honor. Several others were nominated and declined the office until finally Mr. Harmon was again nominated and the town committee was authorized to fill any vacancies on the ticket. A. B. Crane has been placed on the town ticket as candidate for first selectman to fill the vacancy caused by the refusal of Mr. Harmon to accept the nomination.

The democratic caucus was held the same evening in Union hall and the following officers were nominated: First selectman, George A. Peckham…

The annual meeting of the Emergency Aid Association was held Monday afternoon at the Congregational church. Reports of the different officers and nurse were read and showed that the work of the association is growing each year. During the year Miss Kearns has made 1,320 visits divided among 380 patients.

September 29

As winter approaches there is much concern over the fuel situation. The local dealers at present have no anthracite coal on hand.

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