Kent Memorial Library A Suffield Gem

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The Kent Memorial Library (KML) is one of the primary cornerstones of our town and community. Suffield is very fortunate to have a library staff dedicated and devoted to our community members and to our children. They provide an invaluable service to our town – they encourage the free exchange of information and ideas.

The staff members go above and beyond each and every day; they show a passion and dedication to their profession that benefits all library users. The tangible services are many; just to name a few: creative and innovative programming for children and adults, new book purchases, interlibrary loan services, timely monthly displays and outreach to the public schools.

KML is supported by the Friends of the Library, the Kent Memorial Library Commission and the Suffield Library Foundation. Members of these organizations work hard to enhance the wonderful services the librarians provide. The library matters to so many in this town.

Kent Memorial Library is the epitome of what a public library should be – a safe space for community members to research and explore. Every single staff member greets each person that walks through the door and looks to assist them with programs and access to information. Their actions directly foster a love of reading and knowledge for so many Suffield residents.

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