Tree Committee Photo Contest

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The Trees for Suffield photo contest is under way! We’re thrilled to see that entries are starting to come in. Our new web page on the Town website has all the details and a link to the registration form. You can also visit our booth at Suffield on the Green to learn more.

Photo categories include single tree portraits, multi-tree landscapes, and close-ups or abstracts of trees, leaves, bark, etc. Take a new photo or look through your archives for a past favorite. Need inspiration? We’ll be working to put together both adult and youth photography programs next month to give you ideas and tips, help you gain confidence and give you more reasons to get outdoors and start taking pictures.

Photo by Sue Mayne
This puzzlement of colorful leaves might be considered in the abstract category for the tree photo context.

Contest deadline is November 23. To enter your photo, go to: and submit your entry!

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