Fall Sports Start Again

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High School and Middle School fall seasons have officially kicked off and the sounds of whistles, cheers and laughter are filling the fields, courts and pools at both Suffield High School and Suffield Middle School. Participation numbers are back to normal ranges as we continue to move forward post pandemic. The past few years have been challenging for High School and Middle School sports due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The start of the new season is appreciated even more among student athletes and parents highlighting the benefits of athletics for children’s physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Suffield High School has created a new sportsmanship initiative that is going to be student-led by Juniors Rylie Baril and Andrew Bombard. The main focus of this new initiative is for spectators to cheer FOR their teams and not against the opponent. The committee will instill the ideas of:


They also will be focusing on positivity toward officials at all contests. The committee wants all officials to feel welcomed and supported when they come to Suffield or officiate a game for a Suffield team at an away site.

Suffield Middle School is excited to announce that they started a Boys and Girls soccer team this fall and all sports teams will be joining the Connecticut River Athletic League (CRAL), which includes JFK-Enfield, Timothy Edwards-South Windsor, Sage Park-Windsor, East Hartford and Ellington. This will allow us to be competitive in all sports as we will be playing against same-sized schools.

Afterschool Clubs and Activities have also started at all 4 schools. Teachers and Staff have worked together on some new and exciting opportunities for students to get involved before, during or after school. Please keep an eye out for emails or flyers about these wonderful opportunities.


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