Cub Scout Pack 266 Adventures

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At the beginning of October, we camped out at Battleship Cove. We went on the USS Massachusetts.

The boat itself was very big, but the beds were a bit smaller than a twin size. It was raining so we couldn’t check out all of the deck. I did see some massive weapons on the inside and outside of the ship. On the inside we saw gigantic missiles which were very scary to touch. We learned that the USS Massachusetts did not lose a single person in battle during World War II.

Some areas of the ship we saw were the sick bay, a loading area, the engine room and the control area. For dinner we had corn, mashed potatoes and chicken.

We also visited the Suffield Fire Department and Fire Museum. In the museum there were a couple of really loud bells and all types of fire extinguishers from all different times.

Photo by Andi Prusi
Cubmaster Nate Prusi, left, and members of Cub Scout Pack 266 are pictured in front of a fire truck at Fire Station 1 on Mountain Road.

There was a big wagon that was used as a fire truck. We also got to see today’s fire trucks, which have a 100-foot ladder. They had really big claw things they use to cut through metal. They also have really long hoses so they can reach big fires.

Firefighters don’t just put out fires. They also visit schools for fire drills. They taught us that it’s not really stop, drop and roll. It’s stop, cover your face, drop and roll. Firefighters also rescue people.

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