Last Month to Enter Photos

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The Trees for Suffield photo contest is coming to a close. November 23, the day before Thanksgiving is the last day to enter the contest. Don’t let the month pass without submitting at least one photo showcasing our town’s trees.

Whether you are a life-long resident or new to town, I’m sure there’s a view that has caught your eye during your time here. Single tree portraits, multi-tree landscapes, close-up or abstract photos of leaves, bark, shadows, etc., depicting local trees all qualify for the contest.

And don’t forget, photos you’ve taken in earlier years can be entered. Try using the magnifying glass icon to search “trees” in your photo library and you may be surprised to see how many times you’ve been inspired by trees.

Go to to submit your entry. Non-professional photographers of all ages are eligible contestants. Winning photos will be exhibited at the Kent Memorial Library during the month of January.

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