Hosting Events in the Big White Barn at Hilltop Farm

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“After Hilltop Farm hosted its first public event in the barn in October, along with two private weddings, inquiries about renting the facility have flooded in,” says Howie Orr, President of the Friends of the Farm at Hilltop, Inc.

Photo submitted by Tony Peterson
The newly renovated great barn at Hilltop Farm was set up festively for one of its early public events.

The board of directors of the nonprofit have decided on 2023 rates for the Big White Barn and two exterior locations, the barnyard east of the barn and lawn in front of the chicken coop to the north. The rates are listed on the website at Hilltop
Hosting a few private events at the farm each year will help cover the cost of programs and activities.

According to Orr, the Barn seats up to 175 guests for corporate and family gatherings like weddings. Rental includes use of a caterer’s kitchen, bathrooms and chairs.

The barnyard and lawn hold up to 300 people and renters are allowed to pitch event tents. The barnyard includes use of an 18’ x 29’ Exhibition Hall, and the barnyard option is included in the barn rental, or it can be rented separately. “The lawn has extensive electrical hookups, while electricity for the barnyard is limited,” Orr says. “There are additional charges if alcohol is served. All venues rent for 10-hour slots and events must end by 10 p.m.

We’ve also had inquiries for renting smaller areas within the barn for shorter time frames, such as a two-hour meeting for a non-profit, but haven’t yet decided on those arrangements,” he says.

For more information, call 860-758-0668 or email

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