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Kent Memorial Library is continuing its Books & Beyond series in 2023 for the third year. We successfully kicked off January with New York Times bestselling author Nita Prose, who discussed her debut novel The Maid.

On Thursday, March 16 at 7 p.m. we are excited to bring you another first-time novelist via Zoom. American writer JoAnne Tompkins author of What Comes After will share her novel with us.

What Comes After is a tender and wise debut. It is a brilliantly constructed novel about how a life can be turned with a single word or action. It is a masterfully layered exploration of the way tragedies can change us, can divide or bring us together.

It asks the question whether we are inevitably shaped by the wounds we inherit or whether transformation, and redemption, are possible.
This powerful, compassionate page-turner dives deep into the best and worst of humanity.

Please register at or call 860-668-3896.

Copies of What Comes After are available at Kent Memorial Library.

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