Rotary Students of the Month

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September and October

By Eric Hamlyk

Congratulations to Cecilia Partain who was selected as the Rotary Student of the Month for September. English teacher, Mrs. Samantha Schrager said, “Cecilia has always been one of my hardest working students. Not only does she strive for academic success, but she dedicates her time and energy to many social issues. For example, she is committed to teaching our school about environmental issues and sustainability strategies. She is also passionate about anti-racist, anti-biased causes, and is always reading, learning, and applying what she has learned to help make Suffield High School a more inclusive, and safe environment.”

Science teacher and Suffield Sustainability Council Advisor, Mr. Justin Kaput said, “Cecilia is an eco-rockstar. For the last three years she has been an incredible inspiration for the students involved in the Suffield Sustainability Council, working to bring composting to our building, effectively lobbying the middle school to end their use of styrofoam trays and install dishwashers, and helping to lead the school as we worked on and carried out the Walk to the Hart of Climate Change, a program that saw 400 teachers, staff, and students walk down Mountain Road to our town green for a day of educational opportunities and presentations planned by students. She is the model of a kind and helpful peer and, in class, volunteers answers and her perspective with ease. And based on her plans for this year, she’s just getting started.”

Photo by Eric Hamlyk
Cecilia Partain

Congratulations to Jaylanis Rodriguez-Bermudez who was selected as the Rotary Student of the Month for October. English teacher, Mrs. Susan Forrest said, “Jaylanis is exceptional in a class full of distractions. She probably is seldom nominated for these awards because she doesn’t call attention to herself. Jaylanis is extremely polite, works great with others, and basically will do anything when asked.”

Photo by Eric Hamlyk
Jaylanis Rodriguez-Bermudez
November and December

By Jay Presser

The Suffield Rotary was please to honor two wonderful young women who are part of the Suffield Regional Agriscience Program as its November and December Students of the Month at its recent meeting.

Nominated by Laura LaFlame, the Director of the Agriscience Program, the November winner was Joan Mascena. Described as a selfless volunteer, she has volunteered over three hundred hours working at the Windsor Locks Community Garden. She organizes the volunteers, harvest and delivers the produce raised to the local food bank. At SHS she serves as the Chapter FFA reporter and is a leader of FFA recruitment efforts. She is an organizer of prayer around the flag on Thursday mornings.

A member of the National Honor Society Joan has a particular passion for floral arrangement and hopes to start her own floral business down the road. Her passion was possibly heightened by participation as a member of the State-winning Floral Culture Design Team that won the state competition and will, as a result, participate in a national competition in November 2023. Most of all, she is the kind of person that gets students and staff to smile on a tough day.

Photo by Natalie Donais
Joan Mascena

Arya Patel, nominated by teacher Kelly Blais, was honored as the December Student of the Month. She was described as “…selfless, motivated and inspiring– as a student and in her extracurricular activities.” Having relocated from Florida, she was involved in Drama Club, doing much of the “tech” work and serving as stage manager for school theatrical performances. She has participated with the Best Friends Club and Literacy Committee. She joined the swim team and was made a captain. She is a secretary of the National Honors Society within the agriscience program. Ultimately, she is considering a career in biochemistry.

Photo by Natalie Donais
Arya Patel

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