Observer’s First Volunteers

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Can You Name the Missing Person?

This group was about 1/3 of the volunteers who worked to produce the first Observer in May of 1999. We identified almost all of the volunteers in the picture. Can you help us identify the last one?

Front Row: Cory Parker, Chris Carmon, Pat Moreau, Carol Martin, Eileen Moncrief, and Hannah Wolcott.
Second Row: Jessica Drew, Paula Hodge, Sally Peters and Bob Stanley.
Third Row: Joan Treiber, Mary Roy, Betsy Hedden, Anna Ferry, Gayle Demko, ??????, Dick Labouchere, and Ray Wilcox.
Back Row: Mike Cooper, Wilf Roy, Marlene Gavins, Lester Smith, Michael Gilbert, Sam Fuller, Jane Fuller, John Murphy and Scott Sylvia.

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