Three Baptisms, Two Ministers, and a Healthy Dose of Silliness

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The month of May saw West Suffield Congregational Church baptize three children, all on different Sundays due to logistics. It took two ministers to get them all in! There is nothing I love more than children and babies, and judging by the congregation’s faces they feel the same way. We are encouraged to have faith like a child: unquestioning and filled with wonder. I wish it were that easy. But every time a child pipes up with a question or a giggle, we remember why we go to church: to experience the ability to make a difference in someone’s life and to give our children a sense of agency and purpose, so that they always feel as though they can make a difference in the world.

Photo provided by Rev. Peterson
Newly baptized, Haily Rae grins happily at the post ceremony party. She was one of three recent baptisms at West Suffield Congregational Church.

It has always given me comfort to know that children who struggle in life can find a place of belonging in church; one where they receive kindness and acceptance without needing to be anything other than their beautiful selves.

On June 11, we will be having our annual Children’s Sunday. The kids will do the readings, light the candles (they do that anyway) and read prayers of their own writing. They will decorate the sanctuary, so expect some color, and instead of a traditional sermon, there will be an extended children’s message. Expect some silliness, the inevitable glitches, and an abundance of joy!

On June 25, we will gather at Sunrise Park at 10 a.m. for our closing service at the Pavilion followed by a picnic. Last year a kayaker paddled over and attended from the water.

Over the summer, we will not be having Sunday services, but we will continue to feed our neighbors, have special events for the children and go about the daily business of the ministry and community. Next year our big project will be preparing to paint the church! It’s a huge undertaking, and I can’t wait to see it coming together.

Come and enjoy, especially our little ones, they will make you smile! Blessings on your day.

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