BOE Appoints Spaulding School Assistant Principal

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The Suffield Board of Education is pleased to announce the appointment of Mrs. Christina Kupec as the Assistant Principal of A. Ward Spaulding School, effective July 1. Mrs. Kupec will be filling the vacancy created by the retirement of current Assistant Principal, Mr. Jack Ferraro.

Assistant Principal Kupec comes to Suffield from the Manchester Public Schools where she demonstrated exceptional skill while serving as the Reading Specialist for the past seven years at both Martin and Waddell elementary schools. Her collaboration with school and district leadership in progress monitoring protocols, reading intervention strategies, instructional coaching, and data-driven decision-making are all in direct alignment with the collective efforts underway at A. Ward Spaulding School. Mrs. Kupec’s depth of knowledge and experiences placed her at the top of a very talented pool of interview candidates. She presented herself as very approachable, insightful, collaborative and enthusiastic about the prospects of working with the A. Ward Spaulding School community.

Mrs. Kupec will assist Principal Gina Olearczyk in organizing and fostering a positive, safe environment that is conducive to best meeting the needs of all students, staff, and parents. This includes such responsibilities as leading and supervising a variety of personnel and programs, creating effective parent, teacher, and child communications, mentoring and evaluating staff, and fostering teamwork throughout the community.

Assistant Principal Kupec completed her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from the University of Connecticut. She went on to receive her Master of Arts in Elementary and Special Education from the University of Connecticut. In addition, she obtained her Remedial Reading and Remedial Language Arts Specialist Certificate (102) from the University of Connecticut. Mrs. Kupec will be finishing her Sixth Year in Educational Administration from the University of Connecticut Administrator Preparation Program (UCAPP) in May 2023.

As we look to the future, we are confident that our Spaulding Stars will continue to shine brightly under the collaborative leadership of Principal Olearczyk and Assistant Principal Kupec.

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