Kindness Awards

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Photo by Eric Hamylak
L to R: Assistant Principal Matt Dobi, Assistant Principal Shannon Insero, Galen Schuster, Rylie Baril, Aidan Connors and Principal Carrie Apanovitch at the Kindness award ceremony.

Congratulations to Suffield High School students Galen Schuster, Aiden Connors, and Rylie Baril who received the North Central Connecticut Chamber of Commerce (NCCCC) Kindness Award for the months of March, April and May, respectively. This award is designed to honor students who regularly display qualities like civic awareness, commitment, kindness and care towards others. It recognizes leadership and commitment, rather than scholastics or athletics. Each student honored is given a personalized award for their good deeds, a donation made in their name to a charitable organization of their choice and recognition in front of their peers and family during a monthly gathering to celebrate.

Physical Education teacher Mr. Eggleston wrote, “For the first two weeks of Personal Fitness class, one student would not participate in class and would not interact with other students in class. Without being asked or instructed to, Galen approached this student and began walking with her. From that time on, Galen has worked every day with her and now she consistently has full participation in Personal Fitness with Galen’s guidance.” The NCCCC is making a donation to a charity of Galen’s choice: The Trevor Project. To make a donation in honor of Galen, please go to

English Teacher Ms. Forrest wrote, “Aidan is an amazing human! He is very bright and is always helping his fellow students if they are confused. Most of all he is kind and respectful to all. Although he has a medical condition, he doesn’t allow it to impact his attitude. Every day Aidan is a bright light who spreads positivity.” The NCCCC is making a donation to a charity of Aidan’s choice: Alzheimer’s Association. To make a donation in honor of Aidan, please go to

Teacher Mr. Webb nominated Rylie to receive this recognition, “For her contagious positivity, intrinsic motivation to help others, deep integrity, and commitment to serving our community.” The NCCCC is making a donation to a charity of Rylie’s choice: The Jimmy Fund. To make a donation in honor of Rylie, please go to

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