SMS State Championships

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The American Scholastic Achievement League offers a competitive test called the Scholastic Challenge. The test covers a variety of skills in mathematics, science, language, history and geography. The contest is designed to stimulate students’ interest in learning by incorporating general knowledge, logic and problem-solving skills.

Photo by Devlyn Bent
Pictured from left to right are Shaunak Ukidwe, Jackson Davis, Devlyn Bent, Facilitator, Arnav Ukidew and Anna-Maria Nastase.

Each student who scores above the national average will receive a Certificate of Merit and our school’s individual champion will be awarded a medal. If Suffield has the Connecticut State Champion for 6th and/or 8th grade, they will receive a trophy.

This year, Suffield Middle School had the Connecticut State Champion for 8th Grade and the National Team Silver Medal Champions for 8th Grade!

The 8th Grade State Champion is Jackson Davis.

The 8th Grade Silver Medal Team Champions are: Jackson Davis, Arnav Ukidwe, Shaunak Ukidwe, and Anna-Maria Nastase.

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