November Front Page News Over the Years

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Over the past twenty-five years the Observer has covered many stories about local people, events and businesses. We thought it might be interesting each month to highlight some of the front-page news to remind us what was happening in town. The following are some of the headline stories from our November issues over the past 25 years.

Articles concerning upcoming elections and Veterans’ Day celebrations along with several stories about WW II and Vietnam vets were popular front-page news over the past 25 years. Other stories included thoughts about the new millennium (1999), Suffield’s recognition by the National Livable Communities Project (2000), Charter revisions that changed the Board of Selectman numbers from three members to five (2001), the Spencer Oak died (2001), the Bradley Connector Road controversy (2001), the new high school was dedicated (2002), Suffield Public School renovations continued (2003), Marines visited the fourth grade (2003) Citizens Restoring Congamond worked to better Congamond Lakes (2006), discussions about the need for Town Administrator continued (2007), a forum was held regarding a biodiesel plant (2007) and there was an update on library upgrades (2009). The Senior Center celebrated its opening (2010), the Agriscience program moved toward getting their large animal facility (2010), the library moved to Town Hall during renovations (2011), a vote to sell the Bridge Street property was soundly defeated at Town Meeting (2012), Emergency Aid turned 110 (2013), Suffield Police Department caught a bank robber (2014), Charter revision questions were explained (2015), a tri-board meeting of Board of Selectmen, Board of Finance and Permanent Building Commission met to discuss town projects (2016), the Board of Selectmen voted to rescind the resident vote on community center (2019), the town’s 350th anniversary is celebrated with a car parade (due to COVID) (2020), the Field of Flags on the town green honored our heroes (2020), the town celebrated our 350th anniversary with a parade (2021) and a redevelopment proposal for St. Joseph Church was made (2022).

The Observer often highlighted people as well on the front page. Some people reported on over the past 25 years included Elaine Sarsynski, new director of economic development (1999), John Warrington, new Suffield Middle School principal (2002), Jim McShane, new library director (2004), Lucille Loiseau (2006), Jameson Grout, elected Mr. Suffield at SHS (2007), Charlie Fields swore in his grandson Adam in the Marines (2009), Rachel Manzer, teacher/astronaut candidate (2009) and Astrid Hanzalek, honored and remembered (2010 and 2022). Several veterans were highlighted in November including WWII Vet Joe Szoka (2008), WWII vet Richard Plichta (2012), WWII vet Duke Suzenski (2013), WWII vet Ed Neilson (2016), Vietnam vet Jim Hunter (2017) and Major General USAF retired Thaddeus Martin (2018).

We hope to provide a look into the past years, month by month, as we remember some of the front-page highlights.

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