Delphina Hammer Clark Notebooks

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If you’re working on the history of your old house, the Delphina Hammer Clark Notebooks are now digitized and available online!

Thanks to a $9,000 ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) grant, awarded by the Suffield Board of Selectmen to the Kent Memorial Library Foundation, we have begun the process of digitizing the most used items in the Historical Room.

Former town resident, Delphina Hammer Clark, loved history. She helped restore the Phelps Hatheway House, donated land on Hill Street to the Audubon Society, now known as the Lewis Bird Farm Sanctuary — and she did a lot of research on Suffield history. Her Suffield property and family research notebooks are the most used item in the historical room and are showing signs of wear and tear. Now they are preserved for all time.

Research the Delphina notebooks from home at .

Delphina organized the information by street, starting with 1670 land records and ended her research when she got to around 1880/1900. Sometimes there are additional handwritten notes in the margins as late as 1952. The first page of each notebook has a list of streets. The books include property, house, tax, probate and genealogy information if she could find it.

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