Sell Your Unused Goods on May 11

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Are you looking to make some money, dodge inflation, de-clutter or avoid the guilt of sending good, second-hand items to the town landfill? A solution is coming this spring!

Sustainable Suffield, a town advisory task force charged with promoting environmental sustainability at the local level, is coordinating a Suffield Community Tag Sale.

Task force member Ginny Bromage hopes a town-wide event will give a second life to items collecting dust in basements and attics around town and reduce the need for other people to purchase those same items new.

“I think we all have different things in the house that we no longer need and hate to just throw away. We think a community-based approach will prompt some people to have their first tag sale. This then gets people to purchase and use things on a second-hand basis, which saves money and is easier on the environment,” Bromage said.

The event is scheduled for Saturday, May 11, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., with a rain date of May 18.

“We wanted to go with May timing as that’s when a lot of people are doing their annual spring cleaning. It’s also before people start to leave for summer vacations,” Bromage said.

Suffield First Selectman Colin Moll sits on the task force and is involved with the planning.

“Our first step is to figure out who wants to hold a tag sale on the selected date. We’ll then post a listing of tag sale locations on the Sustainable Suffield website. What’s nice is that people won’t need to do as much of their own advertising. In the coming months we’ll promote the event here in Suffield and in surrounding towns to increase activity,” Moll said.

People interested in holding a tag sale on May 11 as part of the event can go to the Town of Suffield website and access the Sustainable Suffield page to sign up.

Consideration was given to holding the event in a centralized location, but that was viewed as impractical.

“Having people set up right in their own yard is a lot more convenient,” Bromage said. “It doesn’t require a lot of trips back and forth to a set location, and it allows people to sell larger items. People can also keep things out if they want to extend their sale into the following day.”

While the tag sales will be spread out around town, the hope is that neighborhoods will think about joining together for the event.

“I think people would have a good time holding a sale with their friends and neighbors. It’s more fun. People are also more likely to stop if they see a lot of different things to look through,” Bromage said.

For additional information about participating, visit the Town of Suffield website and view the Sustainable Suffield webpage.

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