Free Organic Waste Recycling

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Residents and local businesses can now drop off their organic waste (food scraps), free of charge, at our new organics collection bin at 41 Fflyer Place. This is a pilot program to gauge interest. By food scraps, we mean fish, meat, poultry, fruits, vegetables, coffee grounds, tea bags, dairy products, snacks, nuts, seeds, flowers, bread, grain, rice, pasta, edible oils and spoiled food.

Compost dumpster at Ffyler Place

Our organic waste is a valuable resource that can be recycled to create energy, in the form of biogas, or compost to return nutrients to our soils. Even if you’re not composting at home, taking care of our environment is as easy as 1) collecting food scraps in a countertop bin (optional: lined with a biodegradable bag for ease of transport/cleaning) and 2) aggregating it for drop-off at our centrally located community bin. From there, USA Hauling & Recycling will bring it to a facility in Agawam and it will ultimately be used to make biogas. In just two simple steps, your family or business could be making a huge impact to improve our community!

According to Connecticut’s most recent waste characterization study (2015), roughly 22% of our residential waste is organic waste. That number is likely much higher for some businesses. When organic waste is brought to landfills, it breaks down without oxygen and emits an extremely powerful greenhouse gas called methane. A more sustainable option is to recycle our food scraps instead.

Interested in learning more about composting or picking up a countertop collection kit? Visit the Parks and Recreation website to register for a free Composting Workshop on April 1st at 5:30 p.m. Even if you can’t stay for the workshop, swing by the Senior Center on April 1 between 5 – 8 p.m. to pick up a countertop food scrap collection kit (while supplies last). Please visit the Sustainable Suffield on our town website or email with questions. Business owners who would like more information — free cost analysis for switching to organics recycling are encouraged to reach out.

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