Sustainable Suffield Tag Sale

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Still sitting on a motherlode of hostess gifts from your holiday party that you’ll never get away with regifting? Having some second thoughts about your decision to collect all those ceramic birds? How full is your garage? What about the basement?

 Don’t throw your stuff out! Somebody wants it!

 Suffield’s Community Tag Sale is rapidly approaching. Scheduled for Saturday, May 11 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., the event will provide residents with the opportunity for a thorough and potentially lucrative spring cleaning. Organized by Sustainable Suffield, a local taskforce charged with promoting environmental sustainability, the hope is that a town-wide event will help divert usable goods from being sent to the landfill.

 Ginny Bromage, a taskforce member, has been involved with planning the event.

 “Our group first started talking about the idea this past winter, thinking something timed for the spring would line up with when most people are trying to clean out their houses. Now that we’re heading into May, we hope people are ready to take advantage of the increased activity a town-wide event will generate,” Bromage said.

 People interested in holding a tag sale on May 11 as part of the community tag sale can go to the taskforce website at and sign up to participate. A map has been posted to the website showing where individual tag sales will be taking place. See our flyer on page 35.

 “To create foot traffic, we’ll be posting flyers here in town and in other nearby communities. The flyers will direct people to the map on the Sustainable Suffield website so they know where sales are taking place that day. We think the map will generate good exposure for sellers. It will also allow people looking for deals to plan out a route that allows them to efficiently cover as much ground around town as possible,” Bromage said.

 An event flyer for participants to use to promote their individual sale is also posted on the Sustainable Suffield website. It can be printed out and attached to any signs that people want to individually create.

 Spring weather can be tricky for anybody planning a tag sale.

 “We sure are hoping for good weather on May 11. If that doesn’t work out for us, we’ve established a May 18 rain date. If things are also a washout on the 18th, then people can hold a personal tag sale at their own convenience, and we’ll try for a collective event again next year,” Bromage said.

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