Town Fights Back Against Property Fraud

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Kathy Dunai, Town Clerk in partnership with the Suffield Police Department announced that they have implemented Cott Systems’ PropertyCheck in an invigorated effort to combat property and mortgage fraud in Suffield. This 24/7 service allows property to sign up on the Cott Systems’ RECORDhub website ( to receive notifications when official documents are recorded on their property. Residents can activate alerts based on their name, property address, or parcel number. There is no cost to participate.

Property fraud can occur if someone forges your identity, transfers your property into their name, and records the document. This fraudulent activity can make it appear as if that person owns your home or property, and you may not have any idea that this happened! It is, unfortunately, becoming more prevalent today as cyber criminals exploit every avenue they can to cause harm and steal from everyday citizens.

PropertyCheck works seamlessly in the background of the Suffield records management RECORDhub software, automatically alerting if a document with matching name or address is recorded. All you have to do is opt-in by creating a RECORDhub account, create alerts for your name and property address (where applicable) and choose your preference of alerts – email or text message.

Suffield has collaborated with Cott Systems to offer this no-cost solution, adding an additional layer of protection to records data and allowing residents to feel safer in their homes.

To activate these PropertyCheck benefits, residents of The Town of Suffield can simply sign up for PropertyCheck alerts at:

You may also contact the Town Clerk’s Office at 860-668-3880 for any additional questions.

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