April Rotary Students of the Month

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Photo by Natalie Donais
Anna Washburn and Matthew Legg

April 23, the Suffield Rotary honored two Suffield High School seniors at the new Fire on the Mountain Smokehouse.

Congratulations to the Rotary Student of the Month for January, Matthew Legg!

Mr. Alexander wrote, “Matt always goes above and beyond with the quality of his work, his social skills, and interactions with peers. He leads groups to arrive at solutions and is a calm yet effective facilitator. His character shines in daily activities and makes a positive impact for those around.”

Mr. Ferreira wrote, “Matt is a dream student: reliable, intellectually curious, and respectful. He also has a great sense of humor. In addition to his soaring academics, Matt is a first-rate pianist for his age; he plays at a professional level, accompanying the choir as well as playing alongside professionals for the spring musicals. He will be sorely missed in the music department come June 8!”

Mr. Killian wrote, “Matt is a fantastic student and a great member of the music community at Suffield High School. He is an exceptional pianist, and his professional skills are far beyond his years. He is always on time to rehearsal, prepared to play his part, and works collaboratively with teachers and other students alike. He performs at such a high level and is so reliable that he has served as the rehearsal pianist for the musical for the past two years and regularly accompanies the choir, both roles usually reserved for professional musicians, in addition to his work as a student member of the Jazz Ensemble and work on solo repertoire through private lessons. He’s got a great sense of humor and is a pleasure to have as a student, too!”

Mrs. Haefner wrote, “Matt Legg is a very hard worker in Food & Nutrition class. He handles tasks in the kitchen with great organization and ensures that all aspects of the lab are fully taken care of. He is kind and polite to all in the class.”
Congratulations to the Rotary Student of the Month for March, Anna Washburn!

Miss Blais wrote, “Anna Washburn is a gem amongst her senior class. She works hard both academically and within the extracurricular organizations that she is a part of. In drama club she has taken on many roles/positions that prove that she is an unsung leader–aiding with props/costumes without being asked and guiding younger actors/actresses. Again, without being asked, she has developed the promotional aspects of drama (running our Insta and sending out posters etc.) and is always a cheerleader for those who are on stage, regardless of the ‘size’ of their role. She is kind, passionate and has a great amount of empathy for others.”

Mrs. Haefner wrote, “Anna consistently brings creative ideas to the cooking club and to our class, making each session engaging and enjoyable for everyone involved. Additionally, I truly appreciated Anna’s willingness to stay a few extra minutes to help with cleanup when our class was short on time. Her dedication and helpfulness do not go unnoticed, and I am grateful for her contributions to our school community.”

Mr. Barile wrote, “Anna is a very kind and genuine student. Her work is authentic and insightful. She is a pleasure to have in class.”

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