Parks and Rec Commission Supportive of Town Park

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As we approach the twenty-year anniversary of the closing of Bridge Street School, the disposition of this important town property continues. Several proposals have been made during this period, including the plan to convert the school and surrounding property into a community center which was passed at referendum in 2015 and later reversed through a subsequent vote in 2019. At numerous meetings since that time, the Parks and Recreation Commission has discussed this issue and attempted to advance a concept that would be both beneficial to the town while maintaining fiscal practicality. Recognizing its exceptional location in the town center and the potential for further enhancement of our historic and treasured town center, the Suffield Parks and Recreation Commission has expressed the opinion at recent meetings that this location would serve as an outstanding location for a town park.

The primary features which have been discussed include a children’s playscape area, a walking trail to supplement the popular sidewalks on Main Street and Mountain Road, and a pavilion. Significantly, a new playscape would offer an important benefit to families with preschool aged children during school hours, as the existing playscapes at Spaulding and McAlister Schools are only available for school use during school hours. A pavilion could be utilized for Parks and Recreation outdoor activities, as well as functions for local organizations and residents. Finally, the discussion has focused on the importance of attractive landscaping as this property occupies a focal point in the center of town. A park on Bridge Street, with these amenities, should further enhance our valuable town center, one of the important hallmarks of Suffield’s exceptional and enduring character.

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