SGTCF Spotlight on Suffield Cooperative Preschool

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The Suffield Greater Together Community Fund (SGTCF) awards grants to non-profits in Suffield or others that directly benefit Suffield residents. Periodically we highlight the work of one of our grant recipients. Today we highlight The Suffield Cooperative Preschool (SCP).

SCP operates with a cooperative spirit and a curriculum that revolves around play-based learning centers. They provide the materials and guidance necessary for our children to discover, create, and explore with a hands-on approach. A high-quality education is one of the most important things that we can provide a child. Exposure to a variety of topics, people, and adventures all contribute to a fulfilling school experience. Their programs offer an age-integrated classroom where students ranging from three-five years old are educated and nurtured by the preschool staff. The students receive an exciting curriculum that is challenging for their individual level while keeping in mind the child’s interests. Their small class size allows for individual direction in a variety of daily activities.

The youngest children are encouraged to explore and discover the world around them. They are carefully guided through their daily tasks by our teachers and classroom helpers. Socialization is an important part of childrens’ growth and our activities allow for the development of this skill. A sound introduction to learning is provided. Older children will continue in their exploration and discovery of the world around them. In preparation for kindergarten, the children are encouraged to demonstrate independence and self-confidence in their work and through their interactions with others. The program follows the core-curriculum expectations for preschool grade level.

Grants from the Suffield Greater Together Community Fund have helped the preschool set up a scholarship program for Suffield residents, making these opportunities available to a wide range of families.

For more information, visit SCP at
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