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Flammable and Combustible Liquid Safety

Flammable and combustible liquids, which among others, include gasoline, kerosene, lacquers, paint thinner, some cleaning fluids, hair spray and paint solvents can be fire hazards because their vapors ignite easily. Even nail polish and nail-polish remover are flammable and should not be used near an open flame.

Consider the following safety tips:

  • Never smoke when you work with flammable or combustible liquids.
  • Do not store hazardous liquids near any source of heat, sparks, or open flame. This includes electric motors, which can spark when switched on or off.
  • Never bring gasoline indoors, even in small quantities.
  • Store gasoline in a tightly capped container that is specifically designed, manufactured, and sold for that purpose. Store the container outside your home in a garage or shed, never in your basement.
  • Use gasoline only as a motor fuel, never as a solvent or degreaser.
  • Never use gasoline as a substitute for charcoal lighter.
  • Oily and solvent-wet rags may combust without a heat source. Store them in a tightly sealed metal container or hang them outside to dry in a shady location away from structures, and then discard them.
  • If you spill a flammable liquid on your clothing, place the clothing outside to dry before laundering.
  • Keep oil-based paints and flammable and combustible solvents in their original containers and tightly capped — never store them in breakable glass containers.
  • When refueling any small motor, such as a lawnmower, snow blower, etc., ensure the motor has cooled prior to adding fuel.
  • And remember: If your clothes catch on fire:

And remember: If your clothes catch on fire: STOP, COVER YOUR FACE, DROP AND ROLL !

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