Where in the World is the Observer?

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Patrick Lyman and Marty Milne ran the 7.6 mile, 4650 vertical feet, Mt. Washington Road Race for the second year on June 15. Also pictured is John Lightle, who met them at the finish line and enjoyed reading the Observer.
Meredith “Deedee” Presser is with the Observer at the Taylor Swift concert in London, England.
Rick Kirschbaum and Karen Jason take the Observer to their visit to Taku Glacier Lodge, Juneau, Alaska.
The Sheehan family take the Observer on their visits to Machu Picchu in Peru during April vacation. Right to left are Parker, Vicky, Shep and Patrick.
Hunter Sangiovanni recently visited Madrid, Spain where he stayed at the Muralto Madrid Princesa where they are celebrating their 50th anniversary. Pictured along with the Observer newspaper is one showing the recent national win of the football team of Real Madrid!
Tim and Vicky Olson holding the Observer visited son Matt in Japan. Himeji Castle is in the background.
Jackie Hemond with The Suffield Observer on vacation in Wells, United Kingdom.
Kayla and Walker Kowal, holding the Observer, visited the the St. Augustine Florida lighthouse. They were in St. Augustine celebrating their grandparents, Bubba and Carol Walkers’, 50th wedding anniversary.
The Deren brothers, Jackson age 10, Jacob age 7 and Brady age 4 on school vacation with The Suffield Observer in Punta Cana, the eastern-most region of the Dominican Republic.

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