Superintendent’s Briefing

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The Suffield Board of Education recognized Bob Lowell three times in June. This alone says something. Bob has set a high standard for Suffield Public Schools and community service. On June 20 at the Suffield Board of Education meeting, Bob was awarded the first “Bob Lowell Award”. This award is from the Suffield Rotary Club in collaboration with the Suffield Public Schools. It signifies commitment to making a difference in the lives of others in the schools and in the community. Bob lives the Rotary Club motto, Service above Self. We look forward to awarding this honor in future years to those who follow Bob as an exemplar for service to others.

Bob was recently recognized for his retirement from the Suffield Public Schools after 33 years of service. While being head custodian at Suffield High School with 800 teenagers is an all consuming job, Bob does so much more and is an extraordinary contributor to public education and the community. Bob has received many community awards, is a member of the Suffield Volunteer Ambulance Association and is an EMT. He has cycled across the U.S. for charity, donated a kidney to a co-worker, and served as advisor to many student clubs at SHS: Robotics, Ski Club, and the Debate Team. He also manned our technology booth whenever there was a call whether days, nights, or weekends.

On June 20, Bob and his Robotics team were recognized for ending their regular season ranked 20th out of 164 New England Teams. They qualified for the New England District Championship and the World Championship in St Louis.

As Larry Plano our Director of Facilities described Bob, “He is the spirit of Suffield High School and emulates the motto Service above Self”.

As Bob Lowell departs Suffield Public Schools his Service above Self legacy lives on within Suffield facilities as we continue to improve not only our high school, but all of our schools and grounds. Our goal is to be of service to our community, to be fiscally responsible stewards of school properties and prolong the life of the school buildings. Just as homes require ongoing preventative maintenance, we intend on preserving your investment in schools.

Over 2300 students utilize our buildings and grounds all day through the school year. Additionally, Parks and Recreation, recreation leagues, and clubs within the community use our facilities beyond school hours through the year.

The PTO, in collaboration with the District, has received a Zak grant to build a pavilion behind McAlister Intermediate School that will be used by the school and community members. Significant improvements in safety and security continue at all of the schools due to the resolve and hard work of our facilities department with assistance from the Town and State grant funding. It’s hard to believe that our “new” high school is approaching 20 years old. The Suffield High School gymnasium bleachers are being replaced and the floor is being refinished. SMS and McAlister Intermediate School libraries are being transformed into learning commons to enhance learning and creativity. These are only some of the many ways we continue to improve and preserve our facilities.

We are grateful for Bob Lowell and others like him in the community who act with generosity and kindness to benefit the common good. We are grateful to taxpayers for providing the Suffield Public Schools with resources to serve the greater community.

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