Destruction of Student Records Planned

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In accordance with Section 7-109 of the Connecticut General Statues, the Suffield Public School System will be destroying the records of students who have graduated or reached the age of 21 prior to 2009. (Note: transcripts will be retained for 50 years.) There are instances when either the student or parents, for Social Security benefits and other purposes, may need school records. Therefore, this correspondence serves as notification to the students and/or parents graduating in June 2009 to provide them with an opportunity to obtain their records.

By appointment only, school records may be picked up in the Suffield High School Guidance Office. Please call 860-668-3813 before January 6 to request records. Due to confidentiality, records will not be released to anyone other than the student unless a signed consent for release of records form is provided.

If there are any questions, please contact the Office of Pupil Services at 860-668-3803.

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