A New Year’s Reflection on the Past Year

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Jackie Hemond

Jackie Hemond

By reflection, I mean statistics. At the beginning of the year, many people consider their health by taking measurements – their girth and vital statistics. The health of the library is no less important. So here are some statistics, gathered from January to December 2016. The library had:

80,478 items checked out (this number includes 12,456 e-books, e-audiobooks and e-magazines and 367 Museum Passes)

53,852 People were welcomed into the library

55,780 Views on the library’s Facebook page

32,281 Views on the library’s website

6,833 People who attended 518 programs

4,242 Sessions on the public computers

209 Volunteer Hours (most were kids help- ing out Miss Wendy)

351 New patrons

411 Adults who participated in Summer Reading

324 Kids who participated in Summer Reading

13 Tests which were proctored

Additionally, $2,878 in books were donated to the library from the Friends of Kent Memorial Library’s Book Sale Inventory.

Our Low

Throughout the year, Connecticut’s interlibrary loan service, once stellar, has caused us pain and delays. When once we could assure our patrons that items requested from other libraries would generally arrive in a week and a half, now it is a much longer time. The State tells us it will get better, but it remains a concern.

Our High

Of course, our patrons. Thanks for your loyalty and your concern. Every day, we are asked what is the prognosis for the library. And we patiently answer every question to the best of our ability. We appreciate your support. That matters to us. I echo the patrons who say that the library staff have been remarkably resilient and professional throughout the year.

Our Goals

We hope to expand further into the Suffield community, make new friends and build a strong and more creative library

Tip for a Healthy Life

Read Books! In a recent study, Yale researchers found that people over 50 who read more than 3.5 hours per week (30 minutes a day) added nearly two years to their lives. So read often. And sock away more money for your longer life by checking out your reading from the library!

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