Suffield Trivia

A bill presented to the State Senate in April 1917, got a “severe wallop” following an adverse report in the House the week before. State Senator Charles Spenser from Suffield was among those who voted yes to kill the bill. What was the bill about?

Westward Ho!

Those lucky enough to be well and staying at home have turned to various things to stay engaged.  My husband and I are watching Westerns.  I couldn’t be more surprised!  The solitary, tough, taciturn tall man-in-the-saddle image is an anathema to the kind of guy I like to see in the movies. But, for the moment, I am hooked.

Rotary Thanks First Responders

As a thank you to the first responders of Suffield who aid residents who have been affected with COVID-19, the Rotary Club is providing $1500 donation for meals, snacks and beverages while responders are on the front-line of this epidemic.

Phyllis Stafford: a Master of Miniatures

I once thought about living in a dollhouse when as a child I curled up in a comfy armchair to read The Borrowers by Mary Norton. The “borrowers” were a tiny family, who would have loved the miniature rugs and tapestries designed by Phyllis Stafford, instead of the paper rugs and postage stamps which adorned their floors and walls.