Phyllis Stafford: a Master of Miniatures

I once thought about living in a dollhouse when as a child I curled up in a comfy armchair to read The Borrowers by Mary Norton. The “borrowers” were a tiny family, who would have loved the miniature rugs and tapestries designed by Phyllis Stafford, instead of the paper rugs and postage stamps which adorned their floors and walls.

Suffield Rotary Club News

Suffield Rotary challenged the Knights of Columbus to a Cornhole Tournament at the end of January. The Knights won, but Suffield Rotary is practicing to regain the trophy. Knights – watch out!

Suffield Trivia

1. The Suffield railroad spur, two miles in length, which extends from just west of Main Street and Mather Street to just south of Mountain Road, and last owned by the Connecticut Southern Railroad, has not had a train traveling on it since