Milking It

Tall, slender and curvy. Squat, no curves and a flat square bottom. Suggestive descriptions – for glass milk bottles!

Bill Remington’s Legacy

Many Remingtons, now twelve generations in Suffield, live on River Boulevard. In 1679, Thomas Remington, Senior was awarded four land grants for him and three of his sons, two of which were located on Feather Street (now East Street), the other two on what is now North Main Street.

East Street School Identifications

Last month’s Observer included a photo from a class of children from the former East Street School where the Thompsonville Road fire station is now located. Resident Alice Czyz was able to identify the first name of the Elcock girl in the photo.

Suffield Trivia

Early in his career, Asher Benjamin designed a doorway at a Suffield house. He became a noted architect and author of seven books on architectural design (the first American to publish such a book) which greatly influenced the look of buildings throughout New England until the start of the Civil War.