Dangerous Libraries

During Banned Books Week which occurs in September since 1982, librarians routinely prepare a list of books whose contents are considered by some to be so controversial that the books are banned from libraries, schools, communities, and even countries. It is scary when books, the repository of much of our knowledge and deemed by most to be fun, educational or classics, are deemed subversive and contaminating.

To Lexicography

Dictionaries have been around a long time, perhaps beginning on cuneiform tablets around 2300 BCE (or BC if you prefer) in the area of modern-day Syria. In 1604, the first English alphabetical dictionary was published.

General Programs

For more information or to register for programs, stop by the library, call 860-668-3896, check suffield-library.org or follow us on Facebook. All of our programs are free!

KML is in a Book!

The book titled Book Club Reboot: 71 Creative Twists and written by Sarah Ostman and Stephanie Saba, describes Books in the Parlor, one of Kent Memorial Library’s book groups. At the end of this article is the description of the group as it appears in the book.