World Language Student – February

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Vansh Patel

Vansh Patel

Felicidades to Vansh Patel, the World Languages Student of the Month for February. Vansh is a freshman at Suffield High School and is currently enrolled in Spanish III Honors. Vansh demonstrates exceptional skill in written and oral Spanish and has an aptitude for language learning. A world traveler, Vansh has visited India on several occasions and is a fluent speaker of Gujarati.

Spanish is the third language for Vansh to conquer and he enjoys the cognates that English shares with the romance language. He also appreciates the complexity of the Spanish language that creates a welcomed challenge for him. Although being trilingual would be advantageous in any field, Vansh aspires to become a doctor. He says, “knowing Spanish could help me better communicate with patients.”

Vansh has consistently achieved High Honor Roll and his favorite academic subjects are math and science. His extracurricular activities include Math Team in addition to set building and backstage work for the SHS drama department. Working on the current musical, Cinderella, has kept him busy. When he is not studying or helping out backstage, he likes to engage in physical activity, especially bike riding and swimming.

Vansh’s propensity for language makes learning Spanish appear effortless. His hard work, positive attitude and academic excellence across all subjects have earned him this well-deserved recognition.

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