World Language Student – January

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Brooke Tillotson

Brooke Tillotson

Congratulations to Brooke Tillotson, the World Languages Student of the Month for January. Brooke is a sophomore at Suffield High School and is currently enrolled in Spanish IV Honors. Brooke continuously produces exemplary work, is an avid participant in class, and puts forth maximum effort. Brooke pushes her classmates to use the target language as often as possible and is enthusiastic about the cultures and communities that she is learning about.

Brooke looks forward to using the language beyond her years at Suffield High School. She hopes to use her language skills not only in her future career in agriculture, but also to travel internationally to countries she has studied in her World Language classes.

Brooke is actively involved in the FFA, earning the Star Greenhand and Excellence in Supervised Experience awards, and currently serves as the Treasurer for the Suffield Regional FFA. She has also received the Superintendent’s Award twice and is also an athlete for the Suffield High Swim Team.

Brooke’s passion for global awareness and dedication to her studies of the Spanish language set a strong example for her peers. Brooke maintains a positive attitude, bold and undaunted approach to language learning, and is supportive of her peers. These positive attributes paired with her academic and personal successes have earned her this esteemed spot.

Felicidades Brooke!

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