Clean Harbors Prefers Suffield

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That big white semi-trailer parked at the Suffield Highway Garage on April 8, with over a dozen workers garbed in white, came to town for Suffield’s annual Household Hazardous Waste Collection day. Clean Harbors, which calls itself North America’s leading provider of industrial services and hazardous waste management, has its headquarters near Dallas, but operates out of 350 locations, including Bristol, for Connecticut.

The collection here is sponsored by the Suffield Public Works Department and the Suffield Garden Club. This year 250 cars came to deliver their materials, a bit fewer than last year. The cars were unloaded two at a time, which kept the queue moving. As usual, the collection was mostly paint and some insecticides, with nothing surprising.

Alice Dahms, one of the Garden Club leaders for this effort, reports that the Clean Harbor workers like coming to Suffield. They even sign up in advance to be on the Suffield crew. Reportedly, they find the folks here polite and cooperative, and they enjoy the nice lunch provided from the kitchens of Garden Club members. Alice added that during the task of checking the drivers for Suf-field residency it was a bit cool and windy this year, she and other Garden Clubbers enjoy the “old home week” experience of seeing old friends and other folks they haven’t encountered for some time.

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