Ice Cream, Friends, Music: All Great

Paul Kulas entertains with his saxophone during the Suffield Historical Society’s traditional ice cream social on August 17. During a fortunate break in the rainy August weather, a good crowd enjoyed the sociability, the free ice cream and toppings, and the kids frolicking on the grass at the King House Museum.

A Happy Juneteenth Celebrated in Suffield

In The Suffield Observer’s September issue, Liz Warren, a leader of Suffield ABAR, wrote passionately about the significance of Juneteenth, the day chosen by African-Americans to celebrate the end of slavery in the United States — the day in 1865 when the last slave state, Texas, got the news that the Civil War was over, and President Lincoln’s 1863 Emancipation Proclamation became the enforceable law of the land. The news was delivered militarily when General Gordon Granger and his men marched into Galveston to be sure that the Texas army, which had successfully freed the state from Mexico, would understand that the Confederacy’s General Lee had surrendered to General Grant in April.

New Traffic Signals Delayed

Traffic signal delays awaiting the delivery of the special-ordered “ornamental Pedestrian Pedestal poles.” Eversource said, “Material delivery has been a challenge on many of our projects . . . due to the pandemic.”