Tropical Storm Isaias Hits Hard

The brief, severe, spotty wind storm that hit the western part of Connecticut on the afternoon of Tuesday, August 4, was just about everything it was forecast to be when Tropical Storm Isaias passed by on its way north. Everything, that is, but rain, and that’s something we really needed — there were only a few sprinkles.

Big Parade Backed the Blue

Erika Rozanski, proprietor of the Shamrock Cafe on East Street South, and her friend Jeanie Miller, founder of the Wounded Veterans Project, decided to honor and thank three local police departments with a flash parade.

Town Hall Renovation Update

Gilbane Construction Manager Nishant Patel reported to the Public Building Commission’s August 3 Zoom meeting that the project was fully mobilized, and the building’s interior had been scanned into a complete 3-D digital model for future efficiency in the work.

McAlister Bricks ‘Repointed’

In the beginning of the brick repair project at McAlister Intermediate School this summer, most of the work was around back, not noticeable to those passing by. A crew of brick-masons from Armani Restoration, a Middletown company, has been busy since late in June, starting with the task of chipping out eroded mortar and loose bricks.

Suffield Suffered in the 1918 Pandemic

What was called “The Spanish Flu” touched Connecticut in the spring of 1918, subsided, then returned with a vengeance in the fall. Unlike COVID-19, that pandemic hit children and able-bodied adults hard, as well as old folks and those already susceptible, eventually killing over 8,500 Connecticans.