Suffield Memorial Day Observed on Video

Because of the pandemic restrictions, Suffield was unable to hold our conventional Memorial Day service on Veterans Park, but First Selectman Melissa Mack was determined not to let the day go unobserved. So she arranged for the Town to produce a virtual service.

Old Homes Gone

Here today and gone tomorrow. That’s how fast a building comes down these days, and several weeks ago that’s what happened on North Street, just south of the Halladay Avenue intersection.

Dining Out

After Gov. Lamont’s May announcement allowing outside dining, it didn’t take long for two local restaurants to take action. There were rules about social distancing, of course, but you don’t have to sip your soup through a straw under your mask.

Town Services Honor Local Health Workers

In another big parade, Suffield first responders assembled an impressive array of ambulances, fire engines, police cars and highway department trucks and drove slowly past Suffield by the River, then up the private connecting road and back past the full length of the Suffield House nursing home in a loud and bright demonstration of appreciation for the hazardous duties of the health care workers.

Remington Street Bridge Update

It seems like a slow process, but progress has been made. The shifted roadway (to broaden the curve) has been given its base coat of asphalt, and the old sewer pipe bridge and the pedestrian bridge are both gone.

Sonny’s Parade

On a rainy Wednesday evening October 6, Sonny Osowiecki was celebrated for his recovery from emergency heart bypass surgery in April and honored for his recent retirement after 38 years of significant service in the Suffield Volunteer Ambulance Association.

Can You Silly Walk?

An interesting pair of signs were planted in mid-April next to the sidewalk at the end of Kent Avenue. They marked the boundaries of a twenty-yard stretch along the sidewalk where a pedestrian’s behavior must conform to a prescribed conduct.