New Traffic Signals Coming

Traffic jams in Suffield Center plagued motorists at the end of September and early October as lane changes were enforced to allow a construction crew to do its work. It turned out to be a substantial job, as two new steel towers were being installed, along with many stretches of electrical cable buried under the pavement.

Town Hall Update

Renovation work is reported to be making good progress at the Suffield Town Hall, a great deal of it taking place inside, out of sight. The October 15 meeting of the Permanent Building Commission, which was held in a hybrid fashion with several members together at the West Suffield Fire Station and others participating by Zoom, heard Gilbane Construction project manager Jonathan Moulton review the work.

Big Bridge Beams Installed

It was an impressive operation at the Remington Street Bridge project the first week of September. With the new east and west abutments ready to receive their load, and grading preparations on each shore complete, it was time for a giant crane to be set up and for the six beams to be delivered and lifted into place.

Town Hall Update

A substantial part of renovating of our almost sixty-year-old Town Hall was the selected demolition and hazardous material abatement that occupied most of August.