Mr. Tanguay is Turning 90!

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p19_COLOR_Clipart_French_HornThe last thing on Mr. Tanguay’s Bucket List is to hear from his former students. “I’ve always wondered where they are, and what they have done with their lives,” he said. In retirement, Mr. Tanguay, who taught music for 30 years in Suffield, has traveled, fixed hundreds of musical instruments, has enjoyed being a grandfather, and has thought about all those students who played in his bands. If you were a student, or know of someone who had Mr. Tanguay in school, please send him a note for his birthday this summer. (Put your instrument on the note, as that is how he remembers “kids” best.) Mail to 21 Riverview Terrace, or email his daughter at He would love to hear from you!

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