100 Years Ago in Suffield

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From the pages of the Windsor Locks Journal, selected and lightly annotated by Lester Smith, Historian of the Town and the Suffield Historical Society

October 5

The annual town meeting Monday furnished considerable excitement and a close finish in the race for first selectman. . . . [George. A.] Peckham, chairmen of the democratic town committee . . . spent three or four days in quiet work about town and came within three votes of defeating the republican candidate. . . . Mr. Peckham has given notice that he expects to ask the superior court for a recount.

The vote on the license question was a surprise to many, the result being 275 against license and 251 for license. [The license would permit the sale of “spirituous and intoxicating liquors” in town.]

W. E. Burbank made a patriotic appeal for a roll of honor to be placed in the center of the town as a record of the boys of this place in military service. . . It was decided that the work would be done by private subscription.

Last Friday night the Suffield Pharmacy was entered by persons unknown and morphine and cocaine to the value of $300 was stolen.

Mrs. Blinn of Hartford will begin the dancing class for children at the Town hall next Tuesday afternoon at 3:45.

October 12

In order to avoid a future occurrence of [a water shortage from pump failure the Northern Connecticut Light and Power Company] is now having another well drilled [on Mapleton Avenue].

Last Saturday afternoon Mr. George M. Hendee entertained members of the Hartford Wheel Club “old guard” seventy-five strong and gave his old companions of the high wheel the freedom of the place [Hilltop]. It was another “Hendee day.”

An old fashioned husking bee was held last Saturday evening in the tobacco building of Fred Austin. About seventy-five were present and many ears of corn were husked. Red ears [which earned the right to a kiss] were abundant and the occasion was a merry one.

October 19

The ninety-fourth annual meeting of the Connecticut Baptist Convention . . . was in session on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week at the Second Baptist church of this place. About 150 delegates were entertained [housed] by the members of the church and the townspeople were given an opportunity to hear a number of gifted speakers and to attend the interesting meetings.

The Red Cross meetings will be resumed at the home of Mrs. Samuel R. Spencer [recently Spencer on Main] next Wednesday and will continue for the winter. Mrs. Spencer will open her house from 9 until 5 o’clock Wednesdays and any who will sew or knit for the soldiers will be welcome.

C. Hartley Case of Pittsfield, Mass., visited his sister, Mrs. Fred J. Deno, this past week.

Matthew Leahey attended the world series game at New York last Monday.

October 26

During the week of October 14-20 dogs got into the flock of sheep belonging to Charles J. Holcomb in the pasture on the West Suffield Mountain and killed or mutilated about forty . . . valued at about $1,200.

The Ladies’ Aid Society of the [West Suffield] Congregational church cleared $95 at the chicken pie supper held last week. The society has voted to buy a $200 Liberty Bond.

John F. Barnett, Sr., is drawing lumber to rebuild the stock barn that was burned about two months ago.

William R. Nelson, who fell in a tobacco shed and broke several ribs, is getting along as well as can be expected.

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