Come Join the “Tired Men’s Club”

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Suffield is a wonderful place to live, raise families, and generally thrive. We enjoy a good school system, good infrastructure (roads, supportive systems, etc.) and a climate we have all learned to love.

In about 1960, several retired men decided they should have a social (luncheon) club. They would meet weekly at Suffield Country Club for cocktails, lunch, and conviviality.

A letter was sent to 30 men, and they began the “Retired Businessmen’s Club”, soon to be known as the “Tired Men’s Club.”

It continues to this day, It has no agenda, no organization or rules to stifle its devotees. If one desires a highly organized, committee-ridden operation, this might not appeal to everyone. If, however, you would like to gather for cocktails and a delicious lunch with pleasant company, we meet at Suffield by the River every Thursday at 11:30 a.m. and welcome any and all who might enjoy this non-organization of like-minded gentlemen.

Lunch is $13.50 per person, $1.50 of which goes into a fund for our annual Christmas luncheon. Consider this an open invitation to any who has the time and interest to gather with us. If you need more details please call 860-668-7677.

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