Choral Group Closes

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The ATS&O Board of Directors voted unanimously to act on my recommendation that the Connecticut Corporation known as The Around Town Singers and Orchestra, Inc. be closed, effective September 30. Accordingly, we have canceled our “Christmas at Home” show December 9 and relinquished the date back to the venue.

The Board voted unanimously to make me Agent for the shutdown process, filing all the paperwork and selling off our sound and light equipment to pay off back taxes and other obligations per Connecticut and Federal law. This process will probably take six months to a year to complete. During this time, any questions or concerns should be sent to me directly as Agent for the shutdown process. 860-386-5154 (box office, which rings my phone as well).

I want to thank Jenn Jarvis for acting in the capacity of Director of the Connecticut Group this past year, and for each of you who contributed your gifts to allow this organization to entertain people for almost a decade. Jenn, along with Darlene Fabrizi, created some of our best dinner Cabaret events ever. While the corporation is closing, Jenn has agreed to lead you in continuing to sing—and many of you who have remained active overwhelmingly expressed an interest to do so in some capacity. Please address such questions and opportunities to sing in Connecticut directly to her at Our email addresses will remain working through the shutdown process.

While so many performing groups like ours are forced to close from lack of performers or lack of audience, the ATS&O has never lacked either. The cost of insurance and maintaining a corporation in the state – worsened by our nomadic makeup and inability to find large enough venues that we could book far enough ahead – led to the decision to close. I am also cognizant of the impact Allyson’s and my move to North Carolina had on the operation, though for the last year I made frequent return visits to Connecticut to help Jenn put on our last three shows and a few much smaller ones, most of which sold out.

On behalf of my wife Allyson, Director Jenn, and the Board and our support staff, our best to all of you.

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