Suffield Public Library Foundation Update

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The Suffield Public Library Foundation is writing to share news of its ongoing work to support the role of our public library in our community and the reopening of the Kent Memorial Library. Currently, the SPLF is continuing efforts to improve facilities at our town’s public library and to fulfill its mission in maintaining first-rate services and programs for learning and entertainment, including use of emerging technology, preservation of vital town historical resources and development of intellectual and personal growth.

While remaining in consultation with the Library Director and Library Commission on improvements to the infrastructure, facilities, and resources of our town library, the SPLF is working on providing new opportunities to town members. In recent years, the SPLF has run successful events with celebrated figures such as author Andre Dubus, visual effects pioneer Greg Butler, and musician Steve Katz, and it is currently working diligently on a new cultural event for 2018.

The SPLF wishes to express its appreciation to all those who have upheld its mission and the many residents who continue to offer time and effort to the vibrant presence of Suffield’s public library in our community. While the SPLF is not currently coordinating a donation campaign, Suffield residents are encouraged to initiate or renew their patronage of the library to support building improvements and the continuously evolving and much needed roles of this institution in our community. Through the continued dedication and work of its members and board, the Suffield Public Library Foundation will continue to do its part to ensure that our library remains a necessary 21st century community space for learning that provides personal enrichment, access to knowledge and culture through print and digital media, a trained and dedicated staff, and much more for all of us.

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