A Little Library Humor

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The news that there is yet another problem at the building that once upon a time housed the town library cannot come as a shock.

Fortunately, there may be a light at the end of this tunnel, and I offer this advice with no charge attached: Call BDO.

No. Wait. I have an even better idea. Call the Alphonse and Gaston Consulting Company, inspired by the immortal comic strip duo whose unending attention to protocol and deference (“You first, Alphonse”; “No, I insist you should go first, Gaston”) inevitably caused them to paddle their canoe over waterfalls or get trampled by an impatient crowd.

Rumor has it they later found gainful employment writing reports for the government.

Editor’s Note: For those not in the know (like us), BDO is a giant consulting firm that touts itself as the ultimate answer to sticky problems.

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